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Cares about people:


bringing a relevant added value to the quality of life; increasing the standards and comfort of the living space.

Providing up-to-date supports and updates to let consumers always with chance to enjoy benefits & convenience from new technology innovation;

Cares about design: 

3M ideas: Minimalist design, Minimum occupy, Maximum space.
Designer system: DIY in shape & combination for blending with the environment.

Suninova is named from innovation from the sun. 
Suninova is proud of her team with all-round technical solutions to realize a full spectrum of sunlight into its products & solutions.
thus is capable to provide all-round space atmosphere solutions,including temperature, humidity, cleanness, air quality, etc., including those common environmental aspects for a quality living.

Suninova is dedicated and specialized into development and distribution for energy utilization & management system.

Achieving the goal of centralization, intelligence and automation in IoT energy era.


Suninova system conducts energy flows under a TPRA concept:

"Targeting, Positioning, Rationing & Automation”

To increase energy utilization efficiency by limiting supply to non-targeted areas, meanwhile, by directing to targeted areas;

To realize a crossed controlling in both time and space dimensions.

Optimizing energy supply and utilization, thus greatly reducing energy consumption.