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Tornado airflow multiplication UVC germicidal system, is designed with optimized fluid mechanics air flue, providing a Log-4 99.94% sterilization into airflow, its capacity is for medium to big volume space.

Tornado is designed for the concept of Minimum Maintenance with Maximum performance.Without any consumable filter design, it is capable to provide to a high log sterilization performance.



Full shielded design, with eight sterilization chambers, providing an efficient and stable 253.7nm UVC output without Ozone.

Tornado is designed with four sides inhaling systems, each is solo working to inhale polluted air from the space of its direction, providing an all-rounded 360degree air treatment at the same time.

Four ventilators form into a system creating Tornado Effect, to boost the air multiplication technology to enhance the air treatment efficiency, thus Tornado system achieves 1.5 times efficiency at the same power with Better performance when saving energy.



Tornado is designed for all indoor space, with Safe-Edge design to be safe and user-friendly in living space.

Its chassis is equipped with four rollers, two out of four are with locks, Tornado can mobile into any room space where needs air sterilization, like under a desk, by sofa or a bed, etc.

Its lower & compacted body allows  to fit in any corner space, providing an instant and efficient sterilization to the whole space, its power is sufficient for a medium-large volume space sterilization.

Tornado is equipped with an advanced IoT wireless control tech, user could set auto-working, periodical working, off-work working, sync-working to climate condition, as smart as the newest IoT technology can do.

Tornado IoT control supports OTA service by Cloud-update.



  • UVC & photoinozation technologies, stable and efficient 253.7nm constant UVC output without Ozone;
  • 360 all-rounded air inhaling, quick and instant high volume air treatment
  • Innovative air multiplication technology, 1.5 times efficiecy
  • Multiple blades metal ventilator, low running noise;
  • Eight sterilization full-reflection chambers, enhanced irradiation matrix, high efficient sterilization into airflow
  • Radio & WIFI wireless control, IoT control with OTA updates
  • Four rollers chassis design, easy to mobile