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Skyline LED-UVC line-in-sight system, is designed for ambient lighting and environmental sterilization for medium to large volume spaces, providing a medical grade germicidal performance.

There are two sub-models for Skyline, classified by the UVC projecting direction: Rear-projecting and horizontal-projecting.

Both sub-models are safe UVC application for residential and commercial environment, with attendance with people.



Thanks to the heat management engineering, Skyline has a highly compacted design to build in both high lumen LED lighting system and UVC germicidal system in a slim body.

UVC is a stable and efficient 253.7nm output without Ozone. LED is well tuned lighting system with most natural temperature as sunlight, higher power density of 50W per one system

Inspired by decades of experience in using UVC to sterilize of worldwide hospitals,

Skyline has the highest efficiency in surface and space sterilization, nearly 100%, achieving medical grade log performance.



Skyline can be used indoor or outdoor open area. Its medical grade sterilization performance is to sterilize all surface in the range and the space in between. This simple and high efficiency is proved in decades as the common application in all medical areas in worldwide.



Sub-model of Rear-projecting:

  • With wall racks, Skyline can directly mounted on wall surface solely or in line with many, LED lighting forms into wall-washing light effect, UVC projecting upwards to sterilize the above upper space sight-in-line;
  • With ceiling fixtures, Skyline can be free-hanging from ceiling solely or in line with many, LED lighting provides ambient lighting for living space, UVC projecting upwards to sterilize the ceiling pool and the space in between sight-in-line;

Sub-model of Horizontal-projecting

  • Skyline of this sub-model can be directly mounted on ceiling surface solely or in line with many, LED lighting provides ambient lighting for living space, UVC projecting horizontally to sterilize the ceiling pool and airflow that naturally circulated to the ceiling.


Skyline is equipped with an advanced IoT wireless control tech, LED and UVC can be solely controlled and programed, user could set auto-working, periodical working, off-work working, sync-working to climate condition, as smart as the newest IoT technology can do.

Skyline IoT control supports OTA service by Cloud-update. Skyline is a minimalist design with high compacted features inside, it provides both ambient lighting and environmental sterilization, IoT, smart-space idea, etc. All in one!


  • UVC & photoinozation technologies, stable and efficient 253.7nm constant UVC output without Ozone
  • Multiple blades metal ventilator, low running noise
  • Dual ventilators design, force circulating air in the space
  • Three sterilization full-reflection chambers, enhanced irradiation matrix, high efficient sterilization into airflow
  • Radio & WIFI wireless control, IoT control with OTA updates