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Guard Tube


Guard Tube airflow UVC germicidal system, is a design of art, minimalist exterior & highly compacted features inside, Tube is designed to fit in most decor, yet never giving up its original purpose as airflow germicidal system.



Like no other models, Guard Tube is working in other ways, there are two sub-models: With natural air-drag design or with micro-booster design.

The sub-model with natural air-drag design is using the weak heat power system generates, the heat power creates a negative pressure by the entrance to inhale air from surrounding into the system.

The other sub-model with micro-booster design is in-building a 220V micro-booster inside to force in air from surrounding into the system.

Both models are designed with a long length sterilization chamber, making sure the UVC irradiation dose to be sufficient into the airflow during passing-through, ensuring the germicidal performance.

The Tube is emphasizing its design and flexible installation, it is not just a good air sterilizer, but first of all it must be a piece of art.

The Tube can be paired with a stand-chassis to be standing on floor, its full shielded design, slim body design, quiet working character make it to be placed wherever needed, by bed or sofa or in a corner, etc. The Tube is to provide an instant sterilization to the air nearby.




The Tube can also be free-hanging from ceiling, as a decoration item in the overhead space, and to sterilize the air.

User can choose one or many pieces Tube into the space, the Tube’s length adjustable fixture allow arranging their installation in line or in matrix, or other kinds of designs.

More Tube will perform sterilization in a large volume space.

The Tube series is controlled by simple physical switch, alternative can be also equipped with IoT wireless controlling solution like other models.

Its fine heat dissipation design allows it working in long period, its full shield design allows it to installed in all kind room with presence of people.




  • UVC technology, stable and efficient 253.7nm constant UVC output without Ozone;
  • Two sub-model selection: Natural air-drag design or Micro-booster design;
  • Long length sterilization chamber design, ensuring sufficient irradiation dose;
  • A design of art, it is a decoration item, when also a well featuring air sterilizer.