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Guard Pro


Guard Pro airflow UVC germicidal system, is an updated version of Guard series, is designed with optimized fluid mechanics air flue, providing a  Log 4 99.94% sterilization into airflow, its capacity is for medium volume space.

Guard Pro is designed to be Minimum Maintenance with Maximum performance. Without any consumable filter design, it is capable to provide to a high log sterilization performance.


Full shielded design, with three sterilization chambers, providing an efficient and stable 253.7nm UVC output without Ozone.

Dual ventilators design, one for inhaling air into the system, the other one is to drag and force air circulation in the space.



Standard Guard is designed for all residential, commercial indoor space, as a vital support solution for air-conditioner or ventilation system, also can be a solo air sterilization solution.

providing an efficient and instant sterilization into the airflow, so into the whole space, helping to create a healthy indoor atmosphere.

Guard Pro is equipped with an advanced IoT wireless control tech, user could set auto-working, periodical working, off-work working, sync-working to climate condition, as smart as the newest IoT technology can do.

Guard Pro IoT control supports OTA service by Cloud-update.

Guard Pro is a minimalist design with flexible installation, can be mounted on wall/ceiling surface, or embedded into ceiling.



UVC & photoinozation technologies, stable and efficient 253.7nm constant UVC output without Ozone

Multiple blades metal ventilator, low running noise

Dual ventilators design, force circulating air in the space

Three sterilization full-reflection chambers, enhanced irradiation matrix, high efficient sterilization into airflow

Radio & WIFI wireless control, IoT control with OTA updates