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CANNON HAVC airflow ventilation and Germicidal system, with an innovative air flue design, is designed for temperature & humidity balancing in large and super large volume space, meanwhile providing a high power UVC instant sterilization into the airflow.


Full shielded design is including two large sterilization chambers inside, with 300W super high UVC irradiating density, providing an efficient and stable 253.7nm UVC output without ozone.

The entrance is equipped with a metal blade high-speed ventilator, its blade design and circuit are optimized by fluid mechanics to be lower running noise at lower noise frequency.

The ventilator works to inhale a large volume and high velocity air into the system, the airflow is to be rectified  by the Tesla Value screen to fully mixed and rotated during its pass-through in the sterilization chambers, making sure the airflow is fully sterilized before exhausting.

In the exhaust, the air flue is well designed to deliver the air in 15meters far away, as a professional air ventilation system.



Cannon is designed for large, or super large indoor space, mounted on wall surface or free-hanged from ceiling.

Cannon is creating a high volume high velocity air ventilation to balance indoor temperature and humidity to help HVAC system saving energy, when also providing an instant sterilization into the whole space, in the air and environment.

Cannon is equipped with an advanced IoT wireless control tech, user could set auto-working, periodical working, off-work working, sync-working to climate condition, as smart as the newest IoT technology can do.

The Cannon IoT control supports OTA service by Cloud-update.



  • UVC & photoinozation technologies, stable and efficient 253.7nm constant UVC output without Ozone;
  • All metal super charged ventilator, high volume & velocity air exchanging efficiency;
  • Designed for temperature & humidity balance, air ventilation for large spaces;
  • Innovative air flue design, Tesla Value screen
  • Dual large sterilization full-reflection chambers, enhanced irradiation matrix, high efficient sterilization into airflow
  • Radio & WIFI wireless control, IoT control with OTA updates