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SuninXera design mirror

Irregular open dehumidification and sterilization platform.
SuninXera is an open dehumidification and sterilization platform available for series mirror designs as its front for fitting into different kinds of decor.
SuninXera is a model developed from SuninX, with deep study result in condition of about 300 private or commercial bathrooms and restrooms, to find out and solve those unnoticed but vital healthy issues and needs in these most special & complicated condition in daily lives.
Study involved aspects of:
*Environmental cleanness related:
Chemical components analysis from frequent-used daily chemical products; what kinds and where will pathogens/mould/mildew/bacterias be mostly growing.
*Users related:
Behaviors & preferences; usage, structure and materials of top 10 personal hygiene products.
*Decor related:
More than one dozens different decor schemes being studied to design SuninXera to be:
A well-serving product needs no compromising aesthetics, functions come with aesthetics.
SuninXera gives the perfect solution, it allows a series different mirror designs to mount on as its front. A normal mirror/glass is OK with:
enlightenedSuninXera installation can be mounted on wall surface, or concealed into the wall.
In either way, SuninXera is invisible from the front, hidden in the mirror front’s back.
enlightenedSuninxera is a neat, invisible, effective, efficient, simple, humble and intelligent product, which is only serving the 1sqm in your bathroom and restroom.
The 1sqm is the zone of basin, it’s probably the most vital area about daily health, but being ignored.

Primary technologies in Suninxera:
1.negative pressure refluxing tech
2.straight-line broad-spectrum sterilizing tech
3.quiet air duct design;
4.wide area thermal conductive tech
5.Active electrostatic EMR-shielding tech;
6.Thermoelectric separation structure technology;
7.Broad area distributed capacitance balancing tech
8.intelligent body induction and linkage tech
9.manual & auto operating
10.High pressure & volume brushless fan, with alloy impellers, Dupont long-life bearings.
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