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SuninA Bathroom

Warmer and sterilizer platform for bathroom
SuninA-Aruna for bathroom is the first hybrid warmer platform in the world.
It can work solely in three output modes: heat-dry or wind-dry; or in hybrid-dry mode.

Like no other towel warmer else, Aruna is the only one can be serving in all seasons, with its innovative solutions and incredible efficiency.
enlightenedAruna heat-dry tech has a gentle infrared heat, works at a safe temperature well adjusted with the result from a mass study of 146 kinds fabric structures from worldwide.
enlightenedAruna’s 3D drying tech makes sure the even heat projecting into every fold of the fabrics,
enlightenedAruna’s frequency of heat wave is well absorbed by fabrics to start an inside-out resonance effect,
enlightenedAruna protects the original dye color,protects the micro-structure of fabrics,
keep it fluffy, keep it clean and keep it dry with right moisture status.
With Aruna heat-dry tech, the fabrics is eventually dehumidified with “self-dry” phenomenon, much faster than air dry, even gives you the flavor of sunlight.
Aruna heat-dry tech is an active approaching tech, its infrared density speeds up fast at 0.638 unit/second, Aruna works 10~15 times faster & efficient than any towel warmer on market; when Aruna needs just half even less consumption.
Aruna’s incredible & efficient drying characters make it as a unique & innovative drying solution.

Primary technologies in Aruna:
1.Safe working temperature;
2.Medium-long wavelength IR heat output;
3.Unidirectional heat conductive tech;
4.Active electrostatic EMR-shielding tech;
5.Thermoelectric separation structure technology;
6.Broad area distributed capacitance balancing tech;
7.Multiple remote controlling channels.
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