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What make SuninA-Aruna different from other towel warmer

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Update time : 2015-03-11 21:17:08
What make SuninA-Aruna different from other towel warmer?

SuninA-Aruna is the first hybrid warmer platform in the world.
It can work solely in two output modes: heat-dry or wind-dry; or in hybrid-dry mode.
Like no other towel warmer else,
Aruna is the only one can be serving in all seasons, with its innovative solutions and incredible efficiency.
In winter days, Aruna heat-dry is the ideal option;
In summer days, Aruna wind-dry gives you an alternative that don’t spoil room climate.
In high humidity condition, Aruna’s hybrid-dry mode is the best option.
Aruna heat-dry tech has a gentle infrared heat, works at a safe temperature well adjusted with the result from a mass study of 146 kinds fabric structures from worldwide.
Aruna’s 3D drying tech makes sure the even heat projecting into every fold of the fabrics,
Aruna’s frequency of heat wave is well absorbed by fabrics to start an inside-out resonance effect,
Aruna protects the original dye color,
protects the micro-structure of fabrics,
keep it fluffy, keep it clean and keep it dry with right moisture status.
With Aruna heat-dry tech, the fabrics is eventually dehumidified with “self-dry” phenomenon, much faster than air dry, even gives you the flavor of sunlight.

Aruna heat-dry tech is an active approaching tech, its infrared density speeds up fast at 0.638 unit/second,
The 3D heat projecting: Directly force bacteria/mould/mildew to a heat-death;
Resonance effect: Directly break down breeding ground for bacterias/mould/mildew.
As a towel dryer, Aruna works 10~15 times faster & efficient than any towel warmer on market; when Aruna needs just half even less consumption.
Aruna wind-dry tech has two solutions, one over the head, the other one from the bottom, both are working with the same efficiency, option is kept open for users’ preference.
Aruna wind-dry is an alternative drying solution to pair with heat-dry, when it consumes nearly zero energy to air dry.
Aruna is thoughtful idea, as wind-dry won’t increase the indoor temperature, won’t spoil your living climate when in summer days.
Aruna hybrid-dry is an innovative and effective drying option in high humidity condition.
As worldwide first innovative hybrid-dry tech,
Aruna’s hybrid-dry will activate a self-loop circulation to enhance the two factors of drying performance: air-movement and self-temperature.
Self-loop hybrid-dry tech solves the conflict of heat & wind, ensures moisture evaporated quickly in any high humidity condition.
Aruna’s incredible & efficient drying characters make it as a unique & innovative drying solution.
In any mode, Aruna has auto-dry program to set a flexible drying period accordingly. Energy-saving is not just realized in technologies Aruna owns, but also in Aruna performance.
When as a towel warmer, Aruna consumes half or less than the others;
Meanwhile, Aruna helps to save money even in your daily expenditure in those fabrics, by extending the service life.
Aruna’s two power docks allows series extensional feature modules to pair with Aruna.
More than fabrics drying, Aruna is dedicated to care more about health and cleanness.
For example,
Aruna sterilization extensional module is designed to eliminate odor, mildew, mould and bacterias, etc. which are easily and quickly growing in the fabrics, by each contact with skin, they can cause series skin healthy issues.
Aruna sterilization extensional module is producing millions of sterilizing particles per second, following the air flow caused by wind-dry or hybrid-dry, circulating around the fabrics.
Aruna sterilization module creates a bacteria-free open zone for the fabrics: Keep clean, keep healthy.
Aruna is an innovative object warming and drying product, fabric drying is its primary service, yet, not the only one.

Aruna has only 200~400W power output at a safe work temperature 95℃(in a climate of 10℃);
20mm ultra-thin profile;
Directional & instant radiant heating output;
Fully EMC shielding;
High protection level;
Stainless steel body.
By both ends of Aruna, two electric power docks are preserved for extensional feature modules;
On both sides of Aruna, multiple fixtures are preserved for a series of hardware support parts’ fixation;
All these allows Aruna with so many possibility to open our imagination.
It is a platform designed to be fully DIY according to different need.
Along with this primary service, Aruna’s design allows it as a LEGO brick, to DIY and transform into an open or closed storage cabinet space with efficient humidity & temperature control,
creating an mildew/mould/bacteria-free space,
provides a thoughtful care to your health!
Aruna can be transformed into a towel warmer as above description. But also to be:
1, a mobile drying platform with free-standing feet;
2, a multiple racks storage platform with dehumidification;
3, a 3D storage cabinet with humidity & temperature control;
4, a cabinet with straight-line sterilization for kitchen;
5, a reading lamp with regional heating;

Extensional features modules and hardware support parts for Aruna are an ongoing development, keep posted with us, we’ll propose to you more interesting and innovative application with Aruna!

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