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What is SuninXera

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Update time : 2015-03-04 20:57:18
What is SuninXera?
SuninXera is an open dehumidification and sterilization platform available for series mirror designs as its front for fitting into different kinds of decor.
SuninXera is a model developed from SuninX, with deep study result in condition of about 300 private or commercial bathrooms and restrooms, to find out and solve those unnoticed but vital healthy issues and needs in these most special & complicated condition in daily lives.
Study involved aspects of:
Environmental cleanness related:
Chemical components analysis from frequent-used daily chemical products; what kinds and where will pathogens/mould/mildew/bacterias be mostly growing.
Users related:
Behaviors & preferences; usage, structure and materials of top 10 personal hygiene products.
Decor related:
More than one dozens different decor schemes being studied to design SuninXera to be:
A well-serving product needs no compromising aesthetics, functions come with aesthetics.
“There’re a thousand SuninXera in a thousand people’s eyes.”
SuninXera gives the perfect solution, it allows a series different mirror designs to mount on as its front. A normal mirror/glass is OK with:
SuninXera installation can be mounted on wall surface, or concealed into the wall.
In either way, SuninXera is invisible from the front, hidden in the mirror front’s back.
Suninxera is a neat, invisible, effective, efficient, simple, humble and intelligent product, which is only serving the 1sqm in your bathroom and restroom.
The 1sqm is the zone of basin, it’s probably the most vital area about daily health, but being ignored.

Warmness: Regional, instant, cozy.
Suninxera provides an instant, regional warmth to the 1sqm area, exactly where you stand in to prepare your day, or when call it a day.
Need no waiting, the warmness comes out the minute when you stand in front.

Force-balanced Heat-dehumidify tech: Silent, effective, efficient
This 1sqm is the most frequent-used & vital area for our personal hygiene.
As before, we haven’t any solution and cognition to it.
A duster cloth is far away from enough, in microcosmic view, pathogens/bacterias are easily missed by wiping up, later on, being reproductive in multiples in just minutes.
Personal hygiene products, like the brushes for tooth & make-up, the razor after shaving, etc, are all perfect warm breeding beds for pathogens/bacterias.
It’s urgent to sterilize them immediately by each use. However, there is no such sterilizing product specific for each of them.
After study of user preference and environment cleanness,
SuninXere proposes a perfect solution providing an open platform for instant dehumidification and sterilization.
SuninXera's force-balanced heat-dehumidify is being forced downwards in high volume air flows, to dry all personal hygiene products and all surface of sanitary wares(such as the basin) in few minutes.
High-volume air flows comes with just 36dbA noise, as silent as we whisper.
Suninxera’s open sterilization is an active approaching solution pairing with heat-dehumidify.
It’s targeted, straight-lined, directional, effective and powerful that could ripe off pathogens/bacterias’ cell membrane in milli-seconds, killing them almost instantly.
The power and density of sterilization has reached a medical grade, however won’t cause any negative effect to the solids.
Suninxera sterilization provides an instant, effective and safe sterilizing and disinfecting to all personal hygiene products and all surface of sanitary wares.
Suninxera cares about the health, but also care about the safety and convenience.
SuninXera is a full pack of solutions, all it needs is just a power cable.
With any mirror designs, or even with the old mirror.
SuninXera has built-in 270° ambient lights for creating an atmosphere;
also preserved with a power dock, for any mirror front light as primary lighting.
Need No wiring, No switches.
Powered by new generation bio-sensors, SuninXera can be operated manually or automatically. And it can precisely sense your attendance,
light on when you come,
light off after you leave,
Dehumidification & sterilization actives or suspends according to your preference.
0 space occupying, 360° healthy solutions, 100% satisfaction!
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