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Infrared Heaters Health Benefits

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Update time : 2019-01-17 17:49:47
Infrared Heaters Health Benefits
Is infrared heating healthy? This is a common question when choosing the right heater. And the answer is ‘Yes’. Infrared heating works on infrared radiation. Just like the infrared radiation from the sun, the Sunin infrared panels have a positive and healthy effect on humans and animals. It is a very pleasant way of heating that basically feels like sunlight, but indoors.
Infrared heating has long been used in medical applications such as physiotherapy to improve rehabilitation. Infrared radiation can be especially useful in cases of muscle aches and joint pains in reducing the pain and speeding up the recovery process. But infrared radiation can also be beneficial for the common cold.

Infrared Heating and air quality
In a healthy environment air quality plays an important role: both humidity and the presence of dust and mites particularly affect the quality of the air. Unlike conventional heating, which heats the air with radiators, infrared panels heat the objects (such as walls, furniture and ceilings).
When heating with infrared panels there is no circulation of dust and dust mites, which has a very positive effect on the respiratory tract. It also does not affect the humidity of the air, contributing significantly to health and comfort. Air that is too dry can irritate the respiratory tract and mucous membranes.
However, it is not the damp itself that makes people sick. Moisture promotes the growth of mould and dust mites. These can cause asthma and bronchitis in people who are predisposed to these conditions. Dust mites can also cause eczema. Residents of damp homes are more likely to develop colds, bronchitis and asthma.
Damp housing does not cause arthritis, but rheumatism may be exacerbated in cold, damp homes.
A healthy indoor humidity is between 50-60% at a temperature of 18-22°C. For optimum living hygiene relative humidity should be around 50%. Humidity below 40% is too dry, 65% is too moist. Not only do human beings benefit from good humidity levels, but so do animals, plants, furniture, flooring and musical instruments.
Infrared heating by Sunin positively contributes to a good balance of temperature and humidity and therefore a comfortable living environment.
completely silent and odorless operation
absolutely fireproof because the unit does not heat up
no risk of CO poisoning
no dust circulation (good for asthmatics, people with contact lenses or allergies)
stable humidity (good for those who suffer from rheumatism)
infrared heat is often used in medicine because of its healing properties
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