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All about the far infrared heat.

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What is infrared?

Infrared is everywhere, as long as the object is beyond the absolute zero temperature(0K=—273.15℃),
it constantly emit infrared to its surrounds.
All objects emit and adsorb infrared heat, including us, the human.

Infrared, prefix “infra” is a Latin word “below”, means “below-red”.
Because in the full band of electromagnetic waves, infrared is just below the visible red light spectrum.
Because the infrared wavelengths ranges from 780 to 1,000,000nm, is out of our eyes’ perceiving capability.
That is why we can’t see it like a red color light.

                                                                                  What is infrared heat?
We, humans, constantly emit infrared heat, which is the working principle of a military thermal
imager picking up the heat signal allowing soldiers to scout in night or dark areas
Meanwhile, we, the body, have evolved with the capacity to absorb infrared heat, which in turn
has a beneficial effect on our immune system.
 The sun, as the only energy source to all carbon-based lives on the earth, delivering  its energy through the cold, dark outer space and atmosphere, eventually to the    earth surface by the method of electromagnetic waves, in which, the most beneficial  part spectrum, for us is the infrared heat.
 We name our system in a form: sun-in-( ).
 We have full technical solutions to re-create a sun for you, bringing you not just  warmness, but also other beneficial electromagnetic waves.

Healthy infrared heat?

Adsorbing infrared heat from the sun, is not just keep us warm.
As a matter of fact, it is the smallest positive effect. More positive truth is inside our body.
Way back before 2,500,000 years ago the first mankind walking out of east Africa, our body have been being shaped by the nature, the sun plays the key role in this nature part.
In 1967, Dr.Tadishi Ishikawa designed the first model of infrared cabin in Japan by using infrared heat as the source and treating method to be carried out to the following patients.
As an innovative physiotherapy back then, Dr. Tadishi Ishikawa and his team found out the astonishing positive effect that infrared heat does to patients.
  1, Infrared heat increases circulation in the skin, stimulates the metabolism, is very hygienic due to cleaner air and has a detoxifying effect.
  2, Rheumatoid patients respond to a lack of air circulation and a consistent humidity is very positive.
  3, Asthmatic patients also benefit from clean air and stable humidity.
  4,Allergy sufferers can breathe a deep sign of relief because there is less dust, pollen, bacteria and mould spores in the air.
In addition, infrared heat has the advantage over the other heating methods that the emitted heat penetrates the human body to a greater extent.
This not only strengthens the immune system, but also helps to better compensate exposure from electro-smog.
Recently a newly scientific research found out: Exposing in sunlight helps to cure the depression, a series of neural disorders. The start happens when our forehead is adsorbing the sun’s infrared warmness…
A lot further truth about the relationship between infrared heat and human body to be discovered, as it is the most natural, adaptive and suitable heating solution chosen for us by the Mother Nature.
What is heater?

Decades ago, electricity supports booming development of electric heating solutions in many ways.
Electric heater producing heat is neither any magic, nor tricky technique, just as simple as boiling a water.
However, none of these solutions is caring about the efficiency and the targets(people).
 Energy transfers in only three ways: convection, conduction & radiation.
 Conduction heat is not a convenient heating solution;
 Convection heat is well-known as ancient technology, which comes with huge energy inefficient issues.
 Radiation heat is the final, and best solution, like the sun does.
 Radiation heat doesn’t need any medium to deliver the heat (air as medium for convection heat), it projects heat directly on solids without energy loss & time waste.
Solids includes all objects in the room, including us.
Among all these heating solutions, their warming-up time are as following.
It takes:
7~10hours for hot-water floor heating to warm up;
3~6hours for electric floor heating;
1~2hours for electric convection heater;
5~30mins for radiation heater;
3~5mins for Sunin series

What is radiation heater?
 Producing radiation heat is either a magic, too.
 As mentioned above, all objects, as long as its self temperature is above the absolute zero temperature, it gives out  infrared heat.
 And as long as a radiation heater working temperature is more than 37℃, its emitting infrared can be detected by  human bodies.
 The higher working temperature, the warmer we will feel!

Market of radiation heaters
There are dozens, even hundreds radiation heaters on market, all of them declare as energy-saving, healthy heating solutions.
It’s an arbitrary saying about energy-saving, when not talking about radiation medium thermal coefficient,  the fact we found out on these radiators, quite a lot energy has been converted into convection heat;
It’s also an arbitrary saying about healthy heating, when not talking about its emitting infrared wavelengths, the fact we found out on these radiators, some propose infrared-B output.
Infrared has a wide wavelengths from 780-1,000,000nm;
however, only the long-wave infrared(known as infrared-C, or far infrared) would have a positive effect to our body.
Infrared-A & B will cause some very negative damage, such as  eye cataracts.

                         Sunin is better than radiation heater
 Sunin, standing on shoulders of these ancient infrared radiators, is launching a series of absolute new  ideas, which is adapted to our bodies, our surroundings.
 Sunin series owns triple powerful infrared energy density than the sun’s projecting on earth surface,
 Bio-tech medium converts up to 95% into 8~14nm long-wave infrared, which is used in a medical  physiotherapy sauna;

Bring Sunin in, bring sunshine in!
Get warmth, get health!

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