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About SuninS-Surya system

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Update time : 2015-04-28 15:12:46
About SuninS-Surya system
One decade development has resulted in a brand-new SuninS-Surya series, that is both environmentally friendly and energy efficient.
SuninS-Surya is more than a radiant heater, it’s the first hybrid heating system in the world:
  Combining with both advantages from radiation and convection heat.
  Powered by IOT sensors and logics circuits, SuninS-Surya can work in different output modes, optimized for both indoor and outdoor heating purpose.
SuninS-Surya is more than a space heater, it’s a platform dedicated to improve the whole living climate atmosphere.
  With modern cutting-edge technologies to re-realize the beneficial natural solar light’s electromagnetic spectrums;
  SuninS-Surya creates an unparalleled comfort, clean and healthy living climate in your home and office.
Like no other else,
SuninS-Surya cares about energy-saving, cares more about you and the environment you’re living in.
SuninS-Surya not only provides rich radiant heat, but also maintain a healthy and warm indoor climate.
Reducing your annual heating costs is the primary service, yet, not the only one.
SuninS-Surya brings with more values, some of which has come and some are on the way, please contact us to know more.


What is infrared heat, and why should I care?
SuninS-Surya system’s primary feature: the heating is based on the principle of solar radiation.
Just as the sun‘s infrared rays absorb to heat the earth,
SuninS-Surya systems emit rays that are safely and gently absorbed in your surroundings.
SuninS-Surya system is safe for children and pets.
SuninS-Surya system allows you to enjoy benefits of sauna all day long in any your room.
Additionally, it is environmentally friendly with no carbon combustion.
Because infrared heat is absorbed into the muscle tissue, it is a healthy way to get warmth.
Infrared heat can improve joint and muscle flexibility and reduce swelling, while also promoting proper body circulation.
In addition to the benefits to the body, the infrared heat makes a safe and comfortable environment for asthma and allergy sufferers, as SuninS-Surya does not circulate air – making dust a non-issue.
You’ll also see a dramatic improvement in your heating expenses.
And, you’ll put a few extra dollars in your pocket each month with your living areas utilizing infrared heat.
With SuninS-Surya in your home/office, you will be able to lower your room temperature by 2ºC, saving up to 20% of your regular heating expenses.
With SuninS-Surya, save money, save space with it installed on the wall/ceiling (mounted or imbedded), and start living with healthy heat.
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What make SuninS-Surya different from other radiator?
SuninS-Surya has the patterned bio-ceramic FIR activating layer,
100% electricity converted into heat;
96~98% heat converted into far-infrared form;
95% far-infrared form is within the wavelengths of 8000~12000nm.
These wavelengths far infrared are used as physiotherapy, proved to be well absorbed by body.
As a radiator, it has a superb far-infrared output, SuninS-Surya cares about users’ health, but also cares about the indoor climate.
SuninS-Surya is the first hybrid heating product in the world.
It’s powered with both radiation and convection characters, auto-operated by environmental factors’ sensors, SuninS-Surya gives you an unparalleled warming experience that you can never have from any other radiation or convection heater.

Aside with a warm indoor atmosphere,
SuninS-Surya also propose solutions in environmental cleanness and air quality, by introducing another technology from the sun: Solar corona.
Well using the natural Brownian air movement, and when SuninS-Surya is working to enhance this phenomenon.
SuninS-Surya’s environment sterilization module constantly generates millions charged particles with powerful oxidization capability, following the paths of air movement to reach every corner in the space.
This is as known as “curve-line sterilization method”, safe and broad-spectrum environmental sterilization, to neutralize those common hazardous substance, which is usually found in a living room.
With warm atmosphere and clean environment has been created,
SuninS-Surya step further to solve the air quality indoor.
In every SuninS-Surya, is preserved with a fresh-air system. To solve the issue when in winter days house warming, indoor oxygen is constantly consumed, lack of fresh air supply.
Low oxygen content gives a very unpleasure experience, even may cause some healthy issues.
SuninS-Surya’s fresh-air feature can inhale fresh air from a second space, or from outdoor, as fresh air supply to the primary space(the heating space).
Cold fresh air is firstly warmed up through SuninS-Surya’s air flue, diffused in 360° horizontally entering the primary space, where users live in.
Without surrendering any warmness, one SuninS-Surya system equals to one heating system and one fresh-air system.

More values to be found in SuninS-Surya system:
SuninS-Surya is designed to minimize its space occupy, with features highly-integrated;
On every SuninS-Surya, two electric power docks are preserved for feature extension.
We already have a series of extensional feature modules for option, these modules are for different serving purpose for the environment, such as lighting, ventilator, fan, audio system, etc.
For example, when applying SuninS-Surya system as an outdoor heating unit, you might need use the LED modules as outdoor lighting, then you can choose from 9~200W high lumen LED modules.
Extensional feature modules are an ongoing development, keep posted with us, we’ll surprise you with more interesting and innovative solutions!
These modules play a valuable roles to enrich customers’ application.
Designed for all seasons, one SuninS-Surya system equals to one heating system and many space solutions.

SuninS-Surya is an open center of a smart-home.
It provides hardware and software support not only to the above feature modules, but also open for other electric appliances, which you need and buy from the market.
SuninS-Surya empowers these third-party appliances with characters of smart-home and IOT technologies.
SuninS-Surya superb radiant heating feature is a door, behind which, it brings a 360° solutions to indoor/outdoor lives for all seasons.
SuninS-Surya is not just a heater you have, it is your space solution manager, the future of a smart-home center! a pack of solutions that never get aged!
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