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Extensional feature modules for the Surya and Aruna.
Extensionality for Sunin system

For all Sunin series system, space heating is the primary function, but not the key.

All Sunin series system are preserved with best possibility allowing people to add in their favoured features from our series of extensional modules, each of the which serves some specific space solution.

Sunin series system provides hardware and intelligent software management to these modules,
and even to a third party appliances.

Keep in touch with us, keep up with the trend of technologies,
which brings convenience and benefits into our lives.

Modules are an ongoing development, please kindly contact us for updates. 

For the moment, we have for Surya, Aruna and Ravi:

1, Reading lamp,
2, 18W LED module,
3, 27W LED module,
4, 36W LED module,
5, Curve-line sterilizer module,
6, Straight-line sterilizer module,
7, Vent module,
8, Bluetooth media module
9, Ceiling fan module
... ...
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