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Are infrared waves dangerous?
Classified in atmospheric window, infrared spectrum includes Near infrared, Medium infrared, and far infrared.
Yes for Near & Medium infrared, both are dangerous, even thought less dangerous than UV, Gamma or X-rays, but still harmful.
No for far infrared, it is completely harmless.
Sunin products work at ONLY far-infrared output, bio-tech ensures the output wavelength perfectly matching with biological nature.
What is the difference between Infrared and convection heater?
-Convention heater “boil” up the air, using air as medium to transfer heat energy. Usually it’ll be equipped with a ventilator to circulate warm air indoor.
-By your skin direct contact with warm air, you feel warm. It is a slow and very inefficient process.
-The warm air produced is with less moisture, which is too dry to breathe in, it can causes unpleasure and even some healthy issues
-Warm air could increase bacteria, mildew and mould growing when warming up their breeding-ground;
-Ventilator in convection heater need to have sufficient air flow, which could easily raise up dust settled on floor or wall, to recirculating indoor environment to cause second air pollution.
As to physical law, warm air expands, air density lower, warm air rise up to the ceiling, when cold air sinks and being pushed to downwards to the floor.
This phenomenon causes two problems:
1, warm air in ceiling, cold air in floor, creates a huge temperature difference in a same room; for people, they might feel the head warm with feet pretty cold.
2, warm air expands, negative pressure causes it will find every way to escape out of the room, which is the major energy loss according to US house department study.
Infrared heater “ignore” the air, converts electricity in a form of invisible light, projecting on your skin, you feel the warmth.
Infrared heater also projects its “light-form” energy on other solids, such as walls, floors, furnitures…
everything will adsorb infrared, so are these objects, slowly warming up, and reflecting heat back into room atmosphere, then room air temperature slowly raises…however, it takes a medium long period.
So, we think it is “technically wrong" to pair a thermostat with infrared heater.
Sunin’s technical character ensures a much better “technical-energy-saving” idea.
How much does it cost to run?
No matter for what kinds of heater, convection or radiation or floor heating.
1kw consumes 1kwh electricity per hour, 2kw consumes 2kwh, period.
Those are liars if they say their 1kw heater consumes only 0.5kwh per hour.
Heater keep working at full power long before the room reaches a set temperature, say 26℃.
The fact of energy-saving is in the house structure, like the passive house idea.
But if we can’t do anything to improve the house insulation, then it’s wisely to choose a heater that has the capability to preserve the heat already produced within the house.
This is the truth of radiation heater surpasses convection heater.
“Ignoring” the air, infrared heat directly projects on all indoor solids surface, these walls/floors/furnitures solids work as a huge potential heat storage elements, to hold heat energy much much longer indoor.
Cold air is still remained, however, energy loss through walls/windows/doors is significantly lower.
Another advantages of Sunin comparing to other radiation heater is: Sunin works triple faster.
We can realize an instant warm-up, allowing a higher level “behavior-energy-saving” idea: “Heat wherever & whenever it needs”.
Less working time means less electricity consumption.
How much does it cost to set up?
Plug-in-and-play, Sunin needs no pipe work, fuel storage facilities, etc. Save money already at your purchase.
Moreover, no future maintenance cost is needed.
What benefits of health Sunin has?
1, Bio-tech brings with physiotherapy far-infrared, triple far-infrared density than the sun, Sunin creates a sauna-like room allowing you to enjoy the benefits of sauna all day long;
2, Sunin has a 8m radiation range, twice than a competitor.
So it can reach further to dry solids surface, such as floors/walls, it helps to improve your house U-value; also it helps to dry out the damp, eliminate mould and mildew growing.
3, air keeps cool, no dust raised. Improving indoor air quality, free from allergen issues.

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