Suninova® integration solution platform of spatial intelligence & green energy utilization.

Oriented by ideas of “Directional | Positioning | Rationing”,  Suninova is dedicated and specialized into design & development of energy-saving products and intelligent control systems:
  Realizing into both energy-saving and IoT characters;
  Achieving the highest-level energy conservation measures with technological solutions;


Along with energy-saving, Suninova is also dedicated to Proposing the right & efficient solutions to improve indoor climate, to meet the proper demands of specific space.


For those kinds of spatial issues involved, Suninova keeps a close and open cooperation with our own technologies or outsourcing the optimized technical scheme in every field for the cost performance solutions.


Cares about environment: 

  Proposing the new ideas energy conservation ideas: Directional | Positioning | Rationing energy supply. 

  Achieving the highest-level energy conservation measures with technological solutions.

Cares about people: 

  bringing a relevant added value to the quality of life; increasing the standards and comfort of the living space.

  Providing up-to-date supports and updates to let consumers always with chance to enjoy benefits & convenience from new technology innovation;

Cares about design: 

  3M ideas: Minimalist design, Minimum occupy, Maximum space.

  Designer system: DIY in shape & combination for blending with the environment.

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