Suninova is dedicated and specialized into development and distribution for energy utilization & management system.
Achieving the goal of centralization, intelligence and automation in IoT energy era.

Suninova system conducts energy flows under a TPRA concept:
"Targeting, Positioning, Rationing & Automation”
 To increase energy utilization efficiency by limiting supply to non-targeted areas, meanwhile, by directing to targeted areas; 
  To realize a crossed controlling in both time and space dimensions.
Optimizing energy supply and utilization, thus greatly reducing energy consumption.

Suninova is named from innovation from the sun. 
Suninova is proud of her team with all-round technical solutions to realize a full spectrum of sunlight into its products & systems.

thus is capable to provide all-round space atmosphere solutions,
Including temperature, humidity, cleanness, air quality, etc., including those common environmental aspects for a quality living.

Suninova cares about environment: 
  Proposing the new energy conservation idea TPRA. 
  Achieving the highest-level energy conservation measures with technological solutions.
Cares about people: 
  bringing a relevant added value to the quality of life; increasing the standards and comfort of the living space.
  Providing up-to-date supports and updates to let consumers always with chance to enjoy benefits & convenience from new technology innovation;
Cares about design: 
  3M ideas: Minimalist design, Minimum occupy, Maximum space.
  Designer system: DIY in shape & combination for blending with the environment.
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