Heating system plays a vital role in keeping home a cosy, comfortable "sanctuary".

Bio-tech in Sunin series system gives an alternative to people to replace their old heating system, converting home into a sauna-like healthy space.
Like the name, Suninova is the heater producer could realize the genuine healthy infrared spectrum as the solar light, and as the only producer with heat tech to produce a high-density far infrared emitting as much as the sun projecting its infrared on the earth surface.

Let the sunshine in.

Besides of infrared heat, Suninova develops its system features to meet a high standard space requirement, for creating cozy, comfortable and healthy home for people.

Besides of the healthy heating, Suninova provides all-round solutions in every scene of living:
a non-ventilated room
a damp towel
a mildewed corner
a sunless loft
even for your wringing coat

Suninova offers healthy solutions.

A good night’s sleep matters! 
Suninova can make all the difference to cosy bedroom comfort for all the family.

Suninova provides not just heat, but also light, sterilization, fresh-air or vent...
Have you ever learned the fact that multiple growing bacterias on the duster cloth and the knife just used?
Suninova has the solution!

Suninova Sunin series system has technology to upgrade the "behavior-energy-saving" up into "technical-energy-saving",
never leave cold spots in a room.

"To heat wherever it needs" as the slogan of Sunin series system, Suninova can supply heat only to where you stay, fully cut down energy waste from the non-targeted areas.
Have you ever considered that maybe your flower don't like heat?

in 2017, Suninova carried out a mass investigation in 290 different bathroom and toilet, just to understand some vital but unnoticed healthy problems in the most complicated environment of a home: the Bathroom.
It starts from the moment you step in, keeps auto-work after the shower.
What you leave behind is a clean, healthy, dry bathroom.

Dining Rooms
The temperature of your Dining Room is crucial to the experience of your dinner guests.
Suninova won't give you heat in the summer days, it gives you some cool breeze instead! 

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