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Airflow UVC sterilizer

Airflow UVC sterilizer, with innovative aerodynamic design, focusing on air cleanness and atmosphere safety for all kinds of indoor rooms.

Airflow UVC sterilizer 

is a UVC & Micron-E technology sterilizer for disinfection of airborne hazardous substances under different operating and airflow conditions in any room.

It is powered by a high volume ventilator to perform a quick air circulation in the room, inhaling polluted air with airborne microorganisms(virus/bacteria/pathogen, etc)

Inside the sterilizer, there are different independent germicidal chambers, which are solely operating to form multiple medical-grade intensive kill zones: 

 1.To kill airborne virus, bacteria and pathogens instantly and constantly;
 2.To filter and neutralize hazardous substances, such as dust particles, etc…

Airflow UVC sterilizer, 

is giving up any filter screen design, reducing the cost of use and maintaining a high flow rate for efficient air disinfection.

Airflow UVC sterilizer 

is the first multi-kill disinfector that integrates multiple cutting-edge technologies to ensure efficient air disinfection.

It can be integrated with SuninS system to realize an automation disinfection, and can be operated by App to realize a regular & scheduled disinfection.

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